Gorilla Kids Fitness

Fun, functional fitness classes for kids aged 3-18 years. All classes are mixed ability and easily adapted to cater for all needs.
Meet the Team
!We  workout for fun
Gorilla Kids Fitness is currently providing classes out of Ipswich Strength & Conditioning and Grange Fitness & Performance Centre. We are also working in conjunction with Suffolk Sport running Satellite Clubs at Westbourne Academy, Stoke High School and Kesgrave High School.
  1. Ages 3 up to 18
    Our classes are structured by age group. We offer Gorilla Infants ages 3-5 yrs, Gorilla Kids 6-10 yrs, Gorilla PreTeens 10-12 yrs, Gorilla Teens 12-16 yrs and Gorilla Teens Transition 15-18yrs.
  2. Mixed Ability
    All of our classes are mixed ability and allow children to achieve regardless of sporting capabilities. Each session can be scaled to an individuals needs.
  3. Boys & Girls
    Our classes are mixed sex and we actively try to challenge any gender based stereotypes.
  4. Disability Friendly
    At Gorilla Kids Fitness we are proud to say we are disability friendly. All children are welcome regardless of any physical, mental or developmental disabilities. We offer a Gorilla Kids Inclusion Class for those that need additional support.
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